Endelave Flyveplads








Endelave Airport On small island in Kattegat Denmark ICAO: EKEL

55 45 N, 10 15 E - RWY 11/29 Gras - 650 * 25 Meter Elevation 16 ft.

Telephone: +45 7568 9062

The airfield is 2 kilometre west of the village, which has a harbour, church and  grocery store.

Inn  Tel  +45 2143 1415  

Bed & Breakfast Tlf. +45 2460 1781  

Louise´s Pensionat Tlf. +45 2682 9507

Sherif Tlf. 7258 3699

Doctor Tlf. +45 7011 3131

There is a bird reservation around the island. Don't fly below 1000 ft. unless necessary. Listen to freq. 129.8 MHz when in landing circuit. (air to air freq. in Denmark)  No tower - no radio - no air controller - no fuel - no customs - no hospital - so fly carefully, and please no low pass. Yellow buckets at the side of the runway means that you have used half  of the runway.

Do not touch down too early on approach to runway 29, as there is a road and a small ditch between the neighbours field and the runway. And beside, the neighbour gets upset if you touch his barley crops. Minimum  15 ft over the road. . With  wind from southwest do not make your approach to slow.

The parking area nearest the barn is reserved for vintage airplanes. Please make your pre-flight check at the parking area, not at the end of the runway !  Look out for deer on the runway.  Prior permission not necessary.

Camping under the wings is allowed. In the cowhouse is a bathroom with a cool shower and a toilet, and a tea kitchen is also there. . The airstrip has a special outhouse (shithouse) in the orchard near the parking area

There is a wind sock north of the runway near the farm. Fire extinguishers are in the window beside the front door of the farm house. In the barn are 50 reed bikes with yellow wheels, which might be used. Please place bikes for service in the straw barn to the right.

Do not owerfly the village and the area with the summer cabins. Please do not walk on the runway to the beach, use the path to the west of the farm buildings. Best bathing beach is 300 meter to the south. There are seals on the sand bank 3 km west of the airfield ( 1000 ft minimum ).  Trout might be caught on the south and west coast

We expect you to pay a landing fee 70 kr, camping 25 kr/person/ night and  20 kr  for use of bicycles to be payed in a plastic envelope and put into the big reed money box on the barn wall. Please write your plane registration and date on the envelope. - Thank you. When the farm is not occupied, please handle the place like as if it was your own.

Owner of the farm and airfield: Jens Toft, Adelvej 27, Højmark, 6940 Lem. Just 10 km north of Stauning Airport near the North Sea.  Tlf. +45 9734 3233